Walk-in Urgent Care is … the treatment of non-life threatening illness and injuries for infants to seniors including: Colds & Minor illness, Flu Shots, Immunizations & Allergy Shots, Stitches, Eye Injuries, Wart Treatment, Sprains, Strains, Minor Fractures, Work and Sports Related Injuries. Severe injuries or potentially life threatening problems should always go directly to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room.

Urgent care is a convenient alternative when:

  • your Family Doctor’s office is closed
  • you can’t get in to see your Doctor
  • you do not have a Family Doctor
  • your problem isn’t really an “emergency” but requires attention  now

Not Sure Where To Go

It’s not always easy to know exactly which conditions should be treated in an emergency room and which should be treated by your primary care physician (PCP) or an urgent care physician. Remember that you should always try to contact your PCP first.

Of course, the emergency room is where you should go if you feel that your life could be in danger if you don’t receive care immediately. But, it is important to remember that you should only go to the emergency room if you are having a true emergency. Treating minor injuries or illnesses takes emergency room staff away from more serious or life-threatening situations.