Print it off, complete the Application and drop it off to one of our Receptionists in Fort Erie.


We are NOW accepting patients into our new PCN Family Health Group. 


Members of the PCN Family Health Group will receive access to quality medical care with benefits like:


Exclusive Family Practice Medical Services

Your PCN Physicians will provide certain comprehensive or preventative medical services and treatments exclusively to members of our Family Health Group and not to walk-in urgent care patients. Periodic health exams, general check-ups and preventative care are examples of these Family Health Group services.


Walk-In Family Practice Model

Our Walk-in, Non-appointment based Flexible Access Care model will provide the same-day medical care you need at the time you need it. You will not be required to make an appointment and wait for days to see a Doctor. You will have 5 day a week, extended hour, walk-in access to our Family Health Group.


The Primary Care Niagara Physician Team

Our team approach will ensure that you and your family will have the best possible access in the region. With the Flexible Access Care model of Family Practice you will be provided care by all the Physicians in our team. All PCN Physicians will have access to your entire medical chart at the clinic. We feel that this team approach will provide continuity of care for you even if one of our Physicians is on vacation or not available.


After Hours Telephone Health Advisory Service

You will be able to speak with a Nurse anytime after hours by calling 1-866-553-7205. As a member of our PCN Family Health Group the nurse can, if necessary, also contact one of the PCN Doctors on call.


Priority Fast Web On-Line & Smartphone Check-in

Get in line NOW! Members of our Family Health Group will receive a PCN PRIORITY CHECK-IN CODE for our on-line & Smartphone Patient Pre-Registration System. @

Your unique check-in code will allow us to prioritize your same-day medical care booking and allow you to check-in andenter our waiting room from your computer at home, the office or even on-the-go with your smart phone. You will be in control of where you wait and what you do until you come in to see one of our PCN Physicians.

Your “FAST WEB CHECK-IN” pre-registration places you into the waiting line. The system will provide you with a time range to attend the Clinic. This is an estimation based on actual current projected wait times. (You will lessen your wait time in our office by attending torwards the end of your projected time range) Once you present your “FAST WEB CHECK-IN” pre-registration confirmation number at our reception window, your registration process will be completed.


Preventative Care Reminder Service

We are committed to moving beyond episodic medical care to proactive health care to improve and monitor your over-all health. A telephone call or email from one of our Patient Care Team staff reminding you about immunization or preventative and annual exams or screening will be provided exclusively to PCN Family Health Group patients.


State-of-the-Art Electronic Medical Records

Your Private Personal Health File will be managed in our state-of-the-art electronic medical records system. All your medical history, visit notes, lab results, specialist referrals, allergies and active medication information will be available to our Physicians with the click of a mouse. This means better and more efficient healthcare for you and your family.




Extended Hours Medical Care

This means more access to medical care for you and your family.

in Fort Erie at our Regional Clinic
Weekdays 9am to 5pm



Print it off, complete the Application and drop it off to one of our Receptionists in Fort Erie