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Aviation Medical Exams available in the Niagara Region

Making sure you are fit 2 fly reduces risk and just makes good common sense.

When your safety and the safety of others under your care is on the line you need to know that no underlying medical conditions could compromise your ability to complete your flight plan. 

At the PCN AVIATION MEDICAL CLINIC we have an Expert Aviation Physician (a pilot himself) who will personally conduct the Aviation Medical that has been designed and determined by Transport Canada.

Our Civil Aviation Medical Exam assess your fitness 2 fly through a comprehensive physical exam, including vision testing to rule out existing and/or previous illnesses that might compromise your ability to pilot safely. The exam may also include ECGs, LAB Work, audiograms and routine or recommended vaccinations.

Our expert Certified Aviation Medical Examiner is a VFR and IFR rated Pilot with over 300 hours flying time. In the past he has been a FAA Aviation Medical Examiner and currently holds a Canadian Aviation Medical Examiner designation.

Canadian Aviation Medical Examiner
Received his medical training at McMaster University. He is Lead Physician at Primary Care Niagara. He has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare, finance and development fields within Canada, U.S. and internationally. His clinical experience is in Emergency & Urgent Care Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Aviation Medicine, and Primary Care. He has worked in and/or traveled through 32 countries. He also serves as President and Chairman of Initiative 360 – Take It Global, a Canadian charity focused on helping the under privileged nations of the world. He also Chairs the National Board of Health Partners International of Canada which deploys donated medicines and supplies in needy areas in 110 countries . His interests include wood turning with exotic woods, aviation and traveling. 

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Transport Canada – Civil Aviation Medicine Branch (CAM) MEDICAL INFORMATION LINKS 

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