Your visit to Primary Care Niagara is a “SHOT IN THE ARM” for Africa

Every time a patient visits an Primary Care Niagara Clinic a portion of the fee paid by OHIP, to the clinic, is donated to support Health Care and Development work in Africa.

Each month, Primary Care Niagara’s Lead Physician, Dr. Artaj Singh and Tim Windsor, the Clinical Services Director, are busy making a long term investment in the lives of thousands of Africans. Late in 2009, they established a charity called Initiative 360 – Take it Global to help raise awareness and resources to extended their effectiveness in Africa. Their commitment has taken them to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Angola many times since 2002.

Initiative 360 – Take it Global is a small charity organization with agility … this is their strength.

They partner with grass roots, on the ground movements that include, at an operational and board level, national representatives and leadership. This means that their thinking and planning is not disconnected from the real and present problems that these individuals face daily.

i360-TIG’s core thinking has been shaped around the concept of “Getting to Maybe”. In the book with the same title, the authors Westley, Zimmerman and Patton define “may” as possibility, what might be, the essence of intentiality, as a vision of what could happen, if only … They define “be” as a state of being, the way things really are, reality. “Getting to Maybe” is about looking beyond the realities of a harsh existence today, to the possibilities of a brighter more prosperous future. For i360-TIG, it is about overcoming the fear of their own insignificance; “many of us have a deep desire to make the world a better place, but often our good intentions are undermined by the fear that we are so insignificant nothing we can do will actually make a difference.” (Getting to Maybe, Westley, Zimmerman and Patton)

Initiative 360 – Take it Global is challenging themselves to make the little they have as significant as possible.